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Nuvo Atlanta 2020

It was a great weekend at Nuvo! Thank you to all of our dancers and parents for their hard work this weekend! Our kids BROUGHT it and we could be prouder with the outcome!


Competition Highlights

Moonlight Sonata

Rudie Bolton

DJ’s Pick

4th Place Overall Mini Soloist

Sing to The Moon

Alora Freeman

10th Place Overall Mini Soloist


Cadence Lyles

7th Place Overall Mini Soloist

The Secret History

Loren Puchalski

8th Place Overall Junior Soloist


Sydney Scott

9th Place Overall Teen Soloist

3,000 Miles

1st Place Mini Lyrical


2nd Place Mini Musical Theatre

2nd Place Mini Line

I Like It

2nd Place Nubie Jazz

1st Place Nubie Line

Made of Stone

1st Place Junior Contemporary

Found A Good One

DJ’s Pick

Best Nu Group

1st Place Mini Hip Hop

1st Place Extended Line

Shoe Game

3rd Place Hip Hop

3rd Place Mini Line

Brown Skin Girl

3rd Place Mini Jazz

Cardi Gang Remix

3rd Place Junior Hip Hop


3rd Place Junior Jazz

Out of My Mind, Just In Time

Niya Smith

7th Place Senior Soloist

Gonna Love Me

Morgen Watkins

4th Place Senior Soloist

On the Brink Of Hope

Pili Malawa

DJ’s Pick

2nd Place Senior Soloist

Sweet Ohm

Christian Butts

5th Place Senior Soloist


Lily Sledge

7th Place Senior Soloist

Self Memoria

Xavier Logan

6th Place Senior Soloist


Tycorey Hooker

DJ’s Pick

3rd Place Senior Soloist


DJ’s Pick

1st Place Teen Lyrical

3rd Place Teen Extended Line


Christian Butts, Tycorey Hooker, Xavier Logan

DJ’s Pick

1st Place Senior Duo/Trio

From The Bay To The A

DJ’s Pick

1st Place Teen Hip Hop

1st Place Teen Production

Best Nu Group


Pili Malawa, Lily Sledge, Niya Smith

2nd Place Senior Duo/Trio

Sunny Side of The Street

DJ’s Pick

1st Place Senior Musical Theatre

1st Place Senior Line

Best Nu Group

Studio Pick


DJ’s Pick

1st Place Senior Lyrical

2nd Place Senior Line


DJ’s Pick

2nd Place Teen Contemporary

2nd Place Teen Production

I Hope My Life

DJ’s Pick

1st Place Teen Jazz

2nd Place Teen Production


Convention Highlights

BreakOut Artists

Mini Winners

Rudie Bolton and Laila Taylor

Mini Runners Up

Londyn Robinson

Cadence Lyles

Alora Freeman

Taylor Campbell

Madison Myers

Junior Runners Up

Katelyn Yancey

Riverly Carr

Teen Winner

Elizabeth Smiley

Teen Runners Up

Alaina Crosslin

Jayda Roach

Skyler Sanford

Sydney Scott

Senior Winners

Kayla Kemp

Pili Malawa

Lily Sledge

Niya Smith

Xavier Logan

Senior Runners Up

Christian Butts

Kelsi Fears

Tycorey Hooker

Zyaire Smith

Morgen Watkins

Standout Scholarships


Kamryn Brown

Giovanna Potter

Lillie Scott

Jazz & Contemporary

Eryn Alfred

Kaysi Bradley

Aoki Carter

Nadia Foster

Camille Khatib

Morgan McCann

Taylor Myers

London Smith

Kamorah Wallace


Anyla Simmons

Acacia Turner


Fatima Brabham

Jordan Scudder

Kaylee White


Madison Braswell

Madison Hall

Emilee Hannon-White

Ryan Henderson

Dallis Johnson

Janay Latimer

Die Hard Dancer

Travis Wall - Myles Jones

Anthony Morigerato - Channing Jones


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