Denise Heard-Latimer, Managing Director

Lynise Heard, Artistic Director

In the years to come, we will continue our organization's mission-- to promote creativity, diversity, innovation. We are elated to be the Directors of Dance Makers of Atlanta. With years of teaching arts education and training young emerging artists, our objective is to educate and create results and excellence through recognition, education, and leadership in the dance community. Rest assured that we take this charge very seriously as we continue to grow into becoming the premier center for dance and art education.



DanceMakers of Atlanta prides itself on being the premier center of dance education in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  For over 20 years it has offered core classes that provide young dancers with a solid foundation as well as an opportunity to grow, expand and develop their talents and skills.  Some only stay with us for a while as they explore and experiment with various art forms, and others are with us for a lifetime; transforming from students to professional dancers and dance educators who return to give back to the institution that gave them so much. 

"18th Best Studio in America"

Dance Magazine