Highlights from Last Summer

Things To Know

1. All students must be dressed in proper dance attire. Tights are required for the ballet classes, but they can be replaced for other classes with proper dance shorts or leggings. We suggest all dancers wear something that fits their body. 

2. Students are not allowed to leave the studio for any reason. We will not allow students to purchase lunches from neighboring businesses. Students should bring their lunch with non-perishable items since there will be no refrigerator. Students will wear a mask for classes and can remove the mask only at lunchtime. We will have space for social distancing during lunch breaks. No food will be allowed inside the studios. Only personal water bottles will be allowed. Other drinks must be stored inside dance bags or lunch boxes.

3. All students should leave their games and computer gadgets at home since such items are often misplaced or broken. Dancemakers of Atlanta will not be responsible for replacing broken or lost items. Please include your dancer's name in all of their items.

4. Students should bring shoes required for their classes according to the schedule.  Dancers should wear the proper shoes for each technique class (i.e. Ballet shoes for Ballet, jazz shoes for Jazz,  and tennis shoes for hip hop).

5. If a student is currently not a part of the DMA family, please reach out via our contact page before registering. 


Intensive registration will close 3 days before the intensive. Please register before the deadline to ensure your dancer's spot. If you have any questions, please inquire through our contact page.


Schedules will be available on June 10th.

Schedules are subject to change.

Senior Schedule
Teen Schedule
Mini Schedule
Junior Schedule
Small Fry Schedule