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Dancemakers of Atlanta's Summer Ballet Intensive is a jam-packed weekend of ballet, contemporary, and modern training perfect for preparing your dancer for the upcoming season. Your dancers will receive excellent training from teachers with a wide variety of backgrounds.
Registration will opens July 15th!
2023-24 Jumpstart and Small Fry Company Members: 
Register for your
Pre-Company Bootcamp today!
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1. All students must be dressed in proper dance attire.  Dancers will have two classes each day - ballet and modern/contemporary/lyrical. Tights are required for ballet classes, but they can be replaced for other classes with proper dance shorts or leggings. Students should bring shoes required for their classes. (Please limit outfit changes.) 

2. Students are not allowed to leave the studio for any reason. They will have a short 5 minute break after ballet. We will not allow students to purchase lunches from neighboring businesses.

3. All students should leave their games and computer gadgets at home since such items are often misplaced or broken. Dancemakers of Atlanta will not be responsible for replacing broken or lost items.

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